5 Steps to Shift Energy & Attract Happiness

When the flow of chi is out of balance we can feel a lack of joy. Feng shui is a proven technique to increase the flow of beneficial energy and bring more bliss and happiness to your life. Here are 5 simple recommendations to help you shift the energy and attract joy into your life.

1. No clutter here~ Feng shui rule number one; Get rid of the clutter! Clutter is low and stagnant energy that can negatively influence or even block the flow of energy in many areas and events of your life.   Dust and debris are symbolic of old patterns that are ready to be released and moved out. So clear it out, clean it out, Shift the energy.

2. Do a clearing and blessing ceremony to remove negative energy, sadness, anger, fear and disappointments from your space and infuse it with positive intentions and energies. Use sage, palo santo, copal or even crystals to clear and bless your space.

3. Invite Nature into your home. Open the doors and windows and feel the breeze flow through. Add plants and greenery. Shells and stones are also great activators of positive chi.

4. Add colors to your environment that help you to unwind and relax. Blues, lavenders, greens, peach, and earth tones will help to soothe and increase a sense of peacefulness.

5. Self-care ~ Take a hot bubble bath, get a manicure and pedicure, change your hairstyle. Get a new outfit. Taking time to nurture ourselves is great feng shui and we always feel better with a new “do” or new shoes.

Feng shui is about balance in your environment. By implementing these simple steps you will Shift the Energy and Attract Happiness. ~Chi Blessings~


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