Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the US today, family and friends are gathering to share food, make memories and just enjoy being together. It’s that one day every year when we give ourselves permission to indulge in all the delicious seasonal dishes without the guilt.

But what to do when the meal is over and you need to move your body? I created this list of fun activities to do with your loved ones to avoid the post holiday food coma:

Being active improves your health and this in turn supports your personal Feng Shui as well.

  1. Take a walk-There’s nothing like fresh air, especially after a big meal. Get out there ,  wander  your neighborhood and enjoy the fall foliage.

  2. Play charades-This old time classic is so much fun to do with a large group and with varied age ranges.

  3. Scavenger hunt-This can be a wonderful “give back” project. Give each team a list with random personal care and food items. (Max of 8 items such as hand sanitizer, baby wipes, granola bars, trial size, etc.) Take all of the gathered items and donate to a shelter or family in need.

  4. Ice skating or roller skating-This is a great way to work on your balance and is an awesome workout.

  5. Go to a Thanksgiving Day Parade-There’s nothing like hearing the music from the marching bands and seeing all the incredible floats from a distance, have them approach and then watch as they continue down the line.

  6. Exercise-Whether it’s beginning a new routine or continuing an existing one, get that body moving. Don’t like yoga, try kung fu or tai chi or create your own practice. Just get up and move!

  7. Go to a museum-Skip all the craziness at the malls and get in some culture at a local museum.

  8. Explore your city-There are tons of things to do around you. If you are reading this then I know you have internet access and can do a search of fun and interesting things happening around your town. Go be adventurous!


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