It’s almost the New Year and the perfect time to take charge of your life to create your best most happiest 2019. 😁


Get It Together
Whenever we start any new project, organization is key. Just think of the projects you’ve done in the past where you haven’t been prepared and the project fell apart. Now think of a separate project where you were organized, had all of your your things in order and how much more successful that project went.

One of the most important parts about having a successful year is being organized. For me this means calendars. I love them! Especially at this time because there are so many different ones to choose from in the stores and if you can’t find one there then there is the internet with endless possibilities. You can even create your own. 🗓


So Many Choices
You can choose to have the standard wall calendar or a desk calendar. Maybe you like a small pocket style to keep in your bag on the go. Or if you are more tech savvy you can use iCal or even Google Calendar. No matter your preference, the overall goal is the same…Organization!

One of the most important things to add to your calendar is to schedule time off. If you can’t get a full 7-Day vacation on the books, at least schedule long weekends or days off during the week where you can take care of you. Staycations are great and I personally plan 3 each year in addition to a vacation or two.
I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t schedule time for myself or time for organizing, things can very easily slip right past me in today’s busy life.


I Gotta See It
I’m one of those people that need to see things on paper or be able to see it in my mind so I know the next step. A couple of years ago Xavier and I were really busy traveling a lot and I was putting all of these these events on the calendar that we had on the refrigerator. There were events every weekend and I remember looking at the calendar and thinking “when we get to the end of the month we can rest”,  only to find out when I turned to the next month it would be completely full also!
This became exhausting, so in 2018 I realized I needed to see the whole year (the big picture) and be able to schedule in all of our performances, presentations, travel, vacations and time away. This works really well for me. I made sure that I had scheduled time off so even though we still had a busy schedule we did have time to be at home and rest as well.


This year I’ve taken it a step further. I wanted to make sure that I scheduled in a time each month to:

  • enter all of my financial statements into the spreadsheet. 💸
  • make monthly feng shui changes as needed per new energies coming in. 🎍
  • monthly personal self-care (massage, mani/pedi) 💅
  • do household projects 🔨


This way if it’s on my calendar I “see” it and I will have time to mentally prepare before it actually happens.

What kind of calendar do you use to keep your life in order? Do you have a special process that keeps you on track?



I’m here with you and for you. If you need a little boost to get you going in the right direction, schedule your FREE 15 minute laser call today. We’ll work on strategy to get you moving forward again.



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