Have you ever had on of those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed? You know, when you wake up before the alarm clock and see that you still have 6 minutes before you have to get up for work, but you just want to pull the covers up over your head?

No,  it’s never happened to me either. 😉

But what to do “IF” it happens? This got me to thinking about it and how there are times when we just feel sad, down or just not at the top of our game. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have a mental disorder or anything other than just not feeling our best. But as women, we are expected to do it all, be it all and take care of it all and of course do all of it with a smile. 😀

So on those days when life seems a bit overwhelming try these tips to get you back on track and with a real smile:

  • Stretch-Stretching improves our flexibility. A healthy practice of stretching can make your muscles more flexible plus retrain your brain to let you move like you didn’t know you could.
  • Music-Several studies have proven music has a wide variety of health benefits and can help relieve stress, decrease symptoms of depression and reduce negative thoughts.
  • Reach out to a mentor-A mentor can be a wonderful sounding board throughout your life, helping to guide you in your choices and decisions when feeling a little lost.
  • Besties-A best friend is someone you don’t have to explain yourself to. They just get you and vice versa. With a best friend we get so many benefits:
  1. Comfort
  2. Unconditional support
  3. Honest opinions
  4. Loyalty
  5. Self-esteem boost
  6. Fresh perspective

So the next time you wanna hide under the blankets , go ahead and give yourself permission to stay there for a few minutes. This will be easier if you do a little Feng Shui for your bed ahead of time. 😉



Good Linens-Here is one expense that is truly worth paying a little bit more for. When you slip into bed at night and into a thread count sheet set above 600, it’ll be easy to snuggle in for a few more minutes. I’m personally a fan of bamboo sheets and how soft, comfy and breathable they are.

Pillows– Today we actually have technology in our pillows! Whether you are a side , back or stomach sleeper, there is a pillow out there for you! Personally, I’m a side sleeper and have a special bamboo pillow that I use. Get one that you really like, one that is supportive as well as therapeutic.

Fragrance-Essential oils, sachets, and sprays are all ways we can use to keep our beds from becoming stale. Spray your pillows with a lavender mist to drift off to dreamland, add a sachet between the mattress and box springs for freshness, or make your own version my “Happiness is Now Clearing & Re-Energizing Mist”. Depending on your tolerance to fragrances you will need to adjust how and what products you want to use.

Then get yourself up, stretch your body, turn on some fun upbeat music, call your best friend and always, always, always remember that You are amazing! 😍



I’m here with you and for you. If you need a little boost to get you going in the right direction, schedule your FREE 15 minute laser call today. We’ll work on strategy to get you moving forward again.


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