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Surviving the Ronapocolypse of 2020

With all the craziness going on right now its super important not to get wrapped up in the fear aspect of what is happening, but it is crucial to be responsible, take precautions and use basic common sense. Check out these 8 tips on surviving the Ronapocolypse. 1. Pay attention to what you eat –…

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Drumming for Health & Healing

The first shamans were all women. They were all the drummers, rattlers, the trans-inducers, the wild ones, the witches, the sorceresses, the KICK ASS MAMAS. They were the WOMEN OF POWER
 don Oscar Miro Quesada Experience the Deep & Intense Healing Power of the Drum. For me the drum is all about connection. It is…

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Back to Basics:

never a failure, always a lesson

I was completely drained and depleted. There was absolutely nothing left in my cup to give to anyone or anything, least of all for myself. đŸ˜©

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Celebrate Your Personal Feng Shui

🎉🎈Celebrate Your Personal Feng Shui 🎉🎈 Woohoo! It’s my birthday week! Growing up people always thought it was terrible to be born in December, I was lucky though that my Mom always made a point that “my holiday” didn’t get lost because of Christmas. As I got older I began taking the whole month to celebrate.…

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Youthing Beautifully-Feng Shui & Skincare

Are you youthing beautifully?  I hadn’t heard this term until recently when I was talking with a few of my entrepreneurial rock star girl friends, Pam Lindberg of and Jaimie Inman of These awesome ladies have been in my life for only a short time, but it seems like we’ve been friends for…

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8 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Food Coma

Happy Thanksgiving! Here in the US today, family and friends are gathering to share food, make memories and just enjoy being together. It’s that one day every year when we give ourselves permission to indulge in all the delicious seasonal dishes without the guilt. But what to do when the meal is over and you…

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