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Celebrate Your Personal Feng Shui

🎉🎈Celebrate Your Personal Feng Shui 🎉🎈 Woohoo! It’s my birthday week! Growing up people always thought it was terrible to be born in December, I was lucky though that my Mom always made a point that “my holiday” didn’t get lost because of Christmas. As I got older I began taking the whole month to celebrate.…

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Feng Shui & the Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

When I was doing research about the health holidays for this month, it wasn’t surprising to find out that November is not only National Nutrition Month, but it’s also National Diabetes Awareness Month. Gotta have balance with Thanksgiving coming up right? 😉   Nowadays most of us know someone that has been diagnosed as a…

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Feng Shui Tips to Reduce Anger & Improve Cardiac Health

We all know that one person who is always cranky, complaining, and angry. No matter how hard you try they’re just never going to be happy. I have a patient just like this at the pharmacy, we’ll call him “Mr. Johnson”. No matter what he’s always angry. He complains about the traffic, he complains about…

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6 Natural Treatments for Juvenile Arthritis

Do you remember Arthur when you were growing up? You know, the guy that was always visiting our grandparents and older people, Arthr-itis? 😉   That was something I remember hearing often at my grandma’s house and I smile thinking back on how I would go looking around the house expecting to find this man…

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