Surviving the Ronapocolypse of 2020

With all the craziness going on right now its super important not to get wrapped up in the fear aspect of what is happening, but it is crucial to be responsible, take precautions and use basic common sense. Check out these 8 tips on surviving the Ronapocolypse. 1. Pay attention to what you eat –…

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Confessions of a Pack-rat

Are you or someone you know a pack rat or maybe just a clutter-bug? It is not uncommon in today’s world of consumerism to accumulate more stuff than we use. We all love to collect things. It is when that collection begins to take over when we encounter problems. I have a confession… I struggled…

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Earth Day Feng Shui

Earth Day is celebrated on   April 22nd each year and has grown to be the largest civic-focused day of action in the world! People march, sign petitions, meet with elected officials, plant trees, and clean up their cities and streets. What does it mean when we add in this year’s energy of the Earth Dog…

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Feng Shui Your Tax Day

Spring is in the air and for those of us in the United States that means “Tax Day” is just around the corner. Are You ready? Do you plan-ahead to get things prepared or are you in a full-blown panic attack at the last minute? Regardless of your approach, feng shui can help you create…

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Feng Shui My Trip: 8 Tips for Self-Care on the Go

I love a spa day! The whole experience is delightful. Everything from the moment you walk in and smell that first hint of aromatherapy in the air to getting your locker, robe and slippers to the hanging out in the relaxation room; not to mention the treatment itself. 😉 But sometimes it just isn’t possible…

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