Clearing and Blessing

Clearing and Blessing

The Cleansing of space through Intention using sacred smoke, sound, ceremony. Space clearing is a ritual found in almost every tradition and native culture from the Chinese to Native Americans to the Zulus and refers to the art of cleansing and consecrating spaces. Just as you would clean your home of dirt on a regular basis, performing consistent space clearing rids a room of negativity and invokes a sense of peace and harmony.

While Feng Shui balances and empowers a space, Space clearing through blessing and ceremony clears the negative energy and resets the space with a more harmonious energy and feel. Whether you are moving to a new home or office or just looking to revitalize your current area, a space clearing or blessing can transform those defeating energies that may be affecting you negatively. A clearing is especially recommended if tragic events have taken place in the home or office such as:

fire, death, abuse, gossip, cancer, suicide, illness, bankruptcy, divorce, miscarriage, crime

Everything all around us is energy. Your home and belongings absorb energy both positive and negative. Our home has long been the center of our family lives. Where we gather to create memories with our family and friends and to nourish and recharge ourselves. When the energy of a space becomes stale and stagnant it can also become Toxic. Anger, fear and emotional outbursts can linger in a space causing blockages. This blocked energy can show up as:

fatigue, conflict in relationships, sleep disorders, mental and emotional stress, health issues, forgetfulness, negative thinking, headaches/migraines, business problems, lack of progress, blockages of creativity

If you or your family members are experiencing any of these issues, a home clearing and blessing ceremony may be just what you need! Your living space reflects and affects your inner life, thoughts and your personal vibration , it is an extension of your body and spirit; creating your life experience. When we clear the energetic blockages we open ourselves to :

increased energy, improved health, better relationships,  mental and emotional clarity, overall positivity

Your physical space is an outward expression of what is going on inside of you. Placing certain objects in a specific area, accumulating clutter and even the type of art used can tell you a great deal about what is happening in your life.

Space clearing/blessing ceremony is one of the best techniques to notice an immediate difference in your environment. Energy tends to accumulate and can cause disharmony not just in your physical space but also in your life. A big sign that energy is stuck is the accumulation of clutter. First lesson in Feng Shui…Get Rid of the Clutter. Do a thorough cleaning. Dust and debris are symbolic of old patterns that are ready to be released and moved out.

It is sometimes easier to change our surroundings as we have more control over them. As we do so, inevitably we will start making inner shifts as well. These shifts include better health, more abundance, attracting our perfect mate, living to your full potential, increased energy, getting that promotion, and anything else you wish to improve in your life.

Not only is it important to do clearing and blessing ceremonies in our homes, it is just as important to perform these ceremonies at our place of business, on our vehicles and also personal items.

Many hours are spent at work and it is important to make sure everyone is able to reach their full potential, while feeling comfortable and happy in the workplace. Feng shui clearing and blessing ceremonies can be used to enhance your business in many ways. Promote a healthy and supportive work environment, increase earnings, strengthen partnerships, promote global expansion, and better co-worker relationships, are just a few examples of what feng shui can do when applied to your business or office space.

When we travel we put our lives at a higher risk, if you spend a lot of time in a vehicle it is important to perform periodic clearings. Some vehicles have absorbed negative energies and as a result are plagued by accidents. When you purchase a used car, it is wise to clear energies of all previous owners. Periodic clearing/ blessing ceremonies can be particularly beneficial to avoid accidents and injuries.

When you purchase antiques or second hand items or acquire family heirlooms; they are imprinted with the energies of the previous owner. When you wear jewelry that belonged to someone else, you carry that energy with you. Clearing ceremonies will clear these sometimes harmful energies.


As a space clearing refreshes the energy in your home or office by removing blockages and transmuting negative energies; a blessing ceremony is a beautiful ritual that brings your space into harmony with your goals.

Blessing ceremonies can be performed for :

*Grand openings for restaurants, spas, retail stores, schools, medical clinic

*Special events such as weddings, anniversaries, awards ceremonies, concerts, conferences

*Construction sites- Groundbreaking Blessing ceremony

Space clearing and Blessing ceremonies can be part of a Feng Shui consultation or a stand alone process.

Some Clearing/Blessing Tool Essentials include, but are not limited to:

~Candles are an expression of the element of fire and invokes the energy of purification and inspiration.

~Herbs such as sage, cedar, lavender and sweetgrass have been long used to purify the energy of a space. The herbs represent the earth energy and when burned, the smoke is the air. The smoke absorbs the negative energy and carries it away we can refer to this as an “environmental healing”

~Resins such as Copal, frankincense, myrrh and dragons blood are also use to purify and sanctify a space.

~High quality natural incense is a quick way to freshen up your space while calming the energy.

~Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and mint are also powerful space clearing tools

~Music and Sound have a profound influence on the energy and mood of a space. Shift your energy using bells, singing bowls, gongs or drums

~Crystals have specific energies and in a feng shui blessing ceremony we utilizes this specific qualities of the stone to clear the space

~Fresh flowers have a very high vibration and bring the energy of harmony , joy and aliveness to any space as well as feeling of happiness and calm