Are you or someone you know a pack rat or maybe just a clutter-bug? It is not uncommon in today’s world of consumerism to accumulate more stuff than we use. We all love to collect things. It is when that collection begins to take over when we encounter problems.

I have a confession…

I struggled with this for years. Collecting things for a rainy day or for some day. Then I realized that holding onto all that stuff was causing me so much grief. I was having difficulties with sleeping, I couldn’t focus, my energy level was low, my finances were suffering, I was struggling with health issues and my relationships were strenuous.
When I looked around I noticed that clutter surrounded me in my home and need-less to say my stress levels were through the roof.

Clutter may seem innocent enough, however it is low, stagnant, and confusing energy that constantly drains energy from you. Depending on the area of your home where you have clutter, it can also negatively influence your health, your career, and even your relationships.

So what did I do? I put my feng shui into action. I got boxes and bags to put all the items in and began clearing, donating, and discarding. Purging and releasing years of memories (good & bad), letting go of items I would never use, and restoring order to my home, my life, and to my sanity.

Using feng shui to clear your clutter can be a very liberating process once you understand what clutter does to your life and to your home.

Sound familiar? Are you like I was and avoid clearing your clutter? Most of us avoid clearing the clutter not because it takes time and effort that is involved. The real reason is that clutter clearing is a very emotional process and it takes emotional stamina to go through it.

Do you feel like your surroundings are holding you back? Are you feeling blocked or stuck in your life? I would love to help you move past the obstacles in your life. Schedule your personal clearing/blessing ceremony here.

Pack Rat Day is your signal to take some time to look at your surroundings and determine what things you really don’t need. Celebrate today’s holiday by doing a good spring cleaning and declutter all those unsightly areas in your home that may be keeping you blocked.


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