The first shamans were all women. They were all the drummers, rattlers, the trans-inducers, the wild ones, the witches, the sorceresses, the KICK ASS MAMAS. They were the WOMEN OF POWER…
don Oscar Miro Quesada

Experience the Deep & Intense Healing Power of the Drum.

For me the drum is all about connection. It is the first sound that we hear while in the womb. That heartbeat we recognize on a soul level and brings us into harmony with Mother Earth. When we play the drum we tap into that earthly energy and the healing power that comes from

Many of today’s health related issues can benefit from the practice of drumming. The positive effects on your health can help with conditions ranging from stress, anxiety, and fatigue, to hypertension, arthritis, asthma, addiction, chronic pain, mental illness, and even cancer.

Here’s a few reasons to start drumming:

  • Happy Hormones
    Drumming releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves in the brain, these are the hormones that are associated with our feelings of general well-being and euphoria.

  • Stress Reliever
    Studies show that drumming for an hour can actually reverse stress hormones. Look for a drum circle or take a cardio drumming class for an hour and you’ll see and feel the happiness coursing through your body.

  • Bye-Bye Pain
    Drumming promotes the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates. These are morphine-like painkillers naturally created in the body.

  • Immunity Booster
    Studies show that drumming circles boost the immune system. Group drumming increases natural T-cells, which help the body to fight cancer as well as other viruses, and immune defiency conditions, including AIDS.

  • Get Connected
    Drumming provides an opportunity for you to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level while also connecting with Source.

  • Alignment
    Drumming aligns your body and mind with the natural world. Just by feeling the beat acts as a reset button and realigns our system.

  • Healers Tool
    Shamans often use drumming as a means to merge mind, body and spirit. The drum provides a way to access a higher power. The focus is on integrating healing for the whole body at the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

  • Releases Negative Feelings
    Drumming is a form of self-expression. This powerful tool can be used to literally drum out your feelings. Negative thoughts and emotions form energy blockages in our lives. The physical act of striking the drum can remove those blocks. It’s even used in treatment therapy to help addicts in managing their thoughts and emotions.

  • Be Here Now
    Drumming puts you in the present moment. There is no past or future when you are drumming, no worries, concerns or problems, only the present.

  • Creativity/Transformation
    Drumming allows for personal transformation as the drum stimulates creative expression through the connection.

What do you say, are you ready to start drumming?