Earth Day is celebrated on   April 22nd each year and has grown to be the largest civic-focused day of action in the world! People march, sign petitions, meet with elected officials, plant trees, and clean up their cities and streets.

What does it mean when we add in this year’s energy of the Earth Dog to Earth Day?

Loyalty is the new “L-word” this year, and points must be earned through genuine allegiance.

Mark your turf
Dog years can cause us to be more territorial and having a safe refuge to call our own is a must in 2018. Home sales (and prices) will veer upwards in many markets.

  • With the earth element ruling in 2018, go green in your options. Invest in renewable energy solutions like solar and wind.
  • Planting gardens and trees will cleanse the air while also improving curb appeal.

Keep your cool
More than almost any other emotion, dogs have a keen ability to sense fear. During the Year of the Earth Dog, we are more likely to be easily agitated, especially in today’s world. Politicians, bullies, and even trusted media sources that rely on clicks for profit, can aggravate the fear factor.

Sanity Savers

  • Create a grounding practice that implements the earth element. This can be as simple as taking a morning walk or hugging a tall tree for its robust support.
  • Cut out anxiety-inducing stimulants like caffeine and sugar.  Instead go for natural snacks like raw nuts, apple wedges and healthy proteins.
  • Turn off alerts and only check world events at set times so you aren’t constantly checking your phone or sent into a panic every time a “breaking story” has posted.
  • Bring this digital detox to your bedroom and invest in an actual alarm clock instead of using your mobile phone.

Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Get in your daily workout by walking or riding a bike to work or to run nearby errands.
  • Take public transit or even carpool to work.

Recycle your e-waste
Earth Day is a great way to spring clean all your e-waste… not to mention it’s good feng shui to clear your home of clutter. It shakes up the good energy and gets it moving, and who doesn’t need some good energy?! Gather up all your old electronics and drop them off at your local Staples, Best Buy, or Office Depot to donate.

Show Love to the Pollinators
One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by helping the bees and hummingbirds. They are our most important pollinators! It is estimated one out of every three bites of food we take is made possible by bees and other pollinating wildlife!
You can help our beautiful hummingbirds by planting plants and flowers that attract them or purchasing a glass feeder. Another great way to celebrate is to make a bee watering station. Whether it’s a bowl of marbles, a pie tin or a self-filling pet-bowl full of rocks, it’s a simple and inexpensive project that will allow you to do your part not just on Earth Day, but all year.

Do you have a great way to celebrate Earth Day? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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