Elephants, Acorns, and Horseshoes: Prosperity Symbols for Wealth

By Monita Baker

This weekend we observe St. Patrick’s Day and the wearing o’ the green. We also have the Pisces New Moon occurring on the same day which makes it a potent time to tap into that “luck of the Irish” energy and bring it into your life and your home.

The color green is associated with St Patrick’s Day of course, but it is also a powerful feng shui tool as it stimulates creativity, growth, and expansion. Green is the color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. It is a great color to wear when you’re learning new skills, taking classes, or when you need to be energized. Just be sure to avoid wearing green when you’re restless because it is such a stimulating color.

If you want to attract wealth, surround yourself with the color green.

Don’t have the time in your busy schedule for a full-on feng shui makeover? You can find your pot of gold this spring season with these nine tips:


  1. Is it Clean? The most fundamental aspect of feng shui for luck is cleanliness. Make sure all surfaces of your home are spotless. That means windows, doors, floors, and counter tops. Pick up all dirty clothes and anything else that may be laying on the ground. Sort as you go.
  2. Knick-Knacks, Curios, and Memorabilia-Incorporate decorative pieces that feature symbols of good luck, like elephants, acorns, horseshoes, or ladybugs. Different animals often symbolize luck and good fortune. For instance, the dragon is a very powerful traditional symbol of energy. If the dragon is holding a valuable object like a crystal or a pearl, it represents wealth.
  3. Got writer’s block? Place a bushy green plant on your desk to get your creative juices flowing. Limit your plants to 2 or 3 in one space, as many plants take up the live energy in the room. Remove any dead foliage. If you have a plant that is dying, replace it with a larger, healthier plant.
  4. Green Light. Lighting or lamps in a brilliant, emerald hue are highly auspicious, especially when placed in any Eastern or Southern directions.  The light source should be functional and used often. The base and/or the shade should be green or have a lot of green in it. Green candles are another option.
  5. Get that peaceful easy feeling. Encourage family harmony by adding green accents like pillows and throws to your family room.
  6. Rainy day got you down? Wear green clothing made from cotton, or floral patterns or add a green tie, scarf, or other green accessories to feel energized.
  7. End the constant arguments at night. Set the dinner table with green napkins or dinnerware to promote peace and harmony.
  8. Electronics everywhere? Place a plant within 3 feet of your equipment to balance any negative energy, especially in a home theater or home office.
  9. Shades of green are excellent for attracting wealth and prosperity. Here in the United States, green is the color of money. Place green items in the Southeast corner of any room – the Area of Abundance – to attract prosperity to the space. These green items should be luxurious to the occupant.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


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