Feng Shui Your Immune System with this Practice

Fall is the harvest season and related to the Metal element. The lungs and large intestine are the organs associated with this season and element.

Usually when there is a change in weather there is a higher incidence of colds and flu symptoms. To strengthen your lungs and immune system, practice breathing exercises, through Qi Gong or Tai Chi.

Qigong and Tai Chi are two examples of gentle, restorative exercises that help tone and strengthen your body, increase circulation and oxygen flow, and improve flexibility and balance

This is a practice that requires no equipment. It can be done anywhere, inside or out and it has history of having been around for thousands of years.

Qigong can complement Western medicine in many ways to provide better healthcare. For example, qigong has special value for treating chronic conditions and as a preventive medicine, whereas Western medicine has special value for treating acute conditions.

Benefits of qigong include but are not limited to the following:

Cardiovascular-lower resting heart rate; normalized blood pressure, and cholesterol levels

Respiratory-slower respiratory rate, significant benefits for asthma & bronchitis

Immune System-significant anti-cancer effect

Circulation-improves circulation, helpful for angina, migraine, and Reynaud’s Syndrome (cold hands & feet)

Brain-improves cerebral blood flow, less incidence of stroke; reduction in frequency and intensity of seizure disorders.

Musculoskeletal-improves posture, balance, strength, stamina, flexibility

Chronic Pain-significant pain reduction from all causes, including injury, surgery, arthritis, fibromyalgia

Mental Health-decreases: stress response, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, depression. Improves memory

Longevity-improves: blood pressure, cholesterol and hormone levels, kidney function, mental acuity, vision and hearing, skin elasticity, bone density, immune function, digestion, balance, flexibility, strength, libido.

Qigong also helps boost immune system response to the shingles virus, thereby preventing outbreaks.

The calm movements and breathing patterns that comprise qi gong are designed to help restore a healthy, flowing balance of qi throughout your body, which helps improve your health and balance your mental and emotional state.

While qigong and tai chi  certainly help improve flexibility, risk of falls, pain and anxiety in many ways, these practices are most effective when combined with other healthy habits like other types of aerobic exercise, strength training and also eating a healthy diet.

Qigong is suitable for older people, those with pain and limitations and those recovering from injuries, but it’s still best to get a professional opinion and clearance to begin qigong if you’re unsure.

Start safely by getting the guidance of a well-trained teacher, consider attending a class or even using online videos as a guide.

Then to take the next step and begin reaping these many benefits you just gotta Practice! 😉


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