I love a spa day! The whole experience is delightful. Everything from the moment you walk in and smell that first hint of aromatherapy in the air to getting your locker, robe and slippers to the hanging out in the relaxation room; not to mention the treatment itself. 😉

But sometimes it just isn’t possible to fit it into our busy schedules. Whether it be time or money we as women tend to put off taking time just for ourselves.

Xavier and I travel quite a bit, which can be stressful with instruments, equipment, and ceremonial items. One thing we’ve committed to is monthly massages at a local green day spa.

In between these wonderful days of blissful relaxation, I am always looking for ways to make our travel easier and more stress-free. Here are 8 ways that I use myself to practice self-care while traveling.

  1. Go for a walk or enjoy your favorite workout if your body needs some movement. Any type of exercise will release endorphins, your body will thank you and it clears your head which is very important for feeling relaxed and revitalized. I like to bring exercise bands and use them for stretching and resistance after a long flight or extended drive. It really helps reduce tension in my neck and shoulders from carrying bags and sitting for long periods.
  2. Drink more water. Water is something your body and brain loves and needs. First and fore-most wherever we go is to get and have plenty of water. Dehydration is a natural by-product of travel so keeping hydrated is imperative. Grab a bottle of coconut water to help replace electrolytes.
  3. Don’t forget the Tunes. Always, always bring music. I bring my Ipod with my favorite playlists loaded. There is nothing better than when you hear “your jam”. It doesn’t matter if you are in the car, in the grocery store, or in the airport; when you hear that beat you smile and then you just gotta move! 😉
  4. Connect with someone you care about. With today’s technology we can Call, Facetime, or Skype. Hotel rooms aren’t as cold and empty when we can chat with our loved ones at home.
  5. Listen to a podcast. Podcasts are the perfect way to pass the time on a flight. Find your favorite podcast to download, they are free. What’s your favorite podcast? Who do you listen to?
  6. I have journaled my whole life and there is a magic when you put your hopes, thoughts, and dreams down on paper. It reconnects you with your goals and purpose.
  7. Take a luxurious bubble bath. Set the mood by lighting candles and turn on some nice music. I have a travel bath pillow and bath salts that I always bring whenever I know there will be a bathtub. After a day of presenting or performing it is wonderful to just SOAK. 😊
  8. Give yourself the gift of more time. Wake up a little earlier to meditate, breathe, read the paper, or do some yoga. This is one of my key secrets to starting my day whether home or away.


What are some of your travel tips? I would love to hear ways how you practice self-care on the go.


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