When I was doing research about the health holidays for this month, it wasn’t surprising to find out that November is not only National Nutrition Month, but it’s also National Diabetes Awareness Month.
Gotta have balance with Thanksgiving coming up right? 😉


Nowadays most of us know someone that has been diagnosed as a diabetic. They may live with us, work with us or maybe they are us. Regardless, this is not a disease to mess with.


There are two types of diabetes
Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder where the pancreas doesn’t make any insulin at all. And then there is Type 2. Most diabetics have Type 2, which is often related with lifestyle choices and biology. It’s caused when the body has trouble using insulin properly or can’t make enough.


There are many medications on the market now that promise miraculous results, but then there are the “side effects” to deal with. 😕

Eating the right foods, staying physically active, and maintaining a healthy weight can help dial down your blood sugar.


Look for Early Warning Signs

  1. More Frequent Urination-when there is too much glucose in the system the kidneys “flush” it through urination

  2. Feeling Hungry all the time-When blood glucose levels are extremely high, such as in diabetes, glucose from the blood can’t get into the cells. You don’t have much energy, so you feel hungry all the time.

  3. Increased Thirst & Dry Mouth-Mainly a side effect from the diabetes medications as well as high blood sugar levels.

  4. Fatigue-When the body can’t use sugar properly for its energy needs, it will feel tired. Diabetics can feel sluggish due to dehydration and the overall dis-function of the body.

  5. Blurred Vision-Due to fluids leaking into the eyes and causing the eye wells to swell and even change shape.

  6. Yeast Infections- Yeast needs sugar to live so if the diabetes is uncontrolled then the sugar in the blood can cause the yeast to get out of control and show up as a terrible and uncomfortable infection.

  7. Slow to Heal-High blood glucose levels can have a negative effect of the nerves which can cause poor circulation and inability to heal as quickly.

  8. Headaches-Can be an indication of diabetes as your system may be sending a signal that your blood glucose is out of target range.

  9. Numbness or Tingling in Hands or Feet-Diabetic Neuropathy is a common and painful kind of nerve pain associated with diabetes.


In traditional Chinese medicine, the Earth element governs the pancreas, spleen and stomach. These are the organs that oversee that our lymphatic and immune systems are functioning properly.


Using good Feng Shui will help strengthen and nourish your home and boost your energy too!


There is no magic pill that can make diabetes disappear altogether, but by utilizing proper solid Feng Shui principles in your home you can bring balance and stability to your health and your life!


You can do this simply enough, by adding Earth and Fire colors to the Southwest sector. The Southwest is governed by the earth element and it’s also representative of our personal relationships so by adding these colors, you can literally boost your health and well-being.


These two elements (earth & fire) are also excellent for you to wear, and includes all the earthy colors, like deep reds, purple and warm yellows. You can also use shapes ie squares=earth, triangles=fire to maximize the qualities of your environment or outfit.

Use crystals and stones to help support your energy
Wearing gemstone jewelry and having crystals in your surroundings are quite beneficial and will help reinforce your personal energy.


Take the time to maintain good balance in your home and in turn your home will nourish you physically and energetically, and not just during the holidays, but the whole year through.


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