Where would we be without our friends? I think about all of the support from my friends during the transitions in my life and I couldn’t have done it without these amazing people.


My grandma always said if you can count your close friends on one hand then you are quite lucky and that is so true.  People may come and go, but when you think about those that stick with you and stay by you in the hard times, in the rough times, and also in the good times and the happy times, it’s those people that show up when we need them most that are true gifts in our lives and we realize how fortunate we truly are.


Over these past 15 years many of my friendships have evolved and now I call many of these women my sisters. That’s what they are too, they have been there for support, to lean on, to listen to, to cheer up and cheer on.


We all need a support system.


In Feng shui the part of our homes that brings recognition and supports our friendships is the South sector.


If you’re wanting to boost your relationships or attract more friendships in your life check out these 4 simple and easy ways to generate more fun and friends into your life.



  1. Adorn the South-The color that lives in the South is red. It’s the color that gives spark to new relationships. Decorate your space by adding red accents such as pillows, throws and you can even activate the recognition energy with artwork. Use images of birds, especially that of the Phoenix as the beautiful plumage represents being acknowledged for your specific talents and gifts. You can also use an image of a rooster in place of the phoenix.
  2. Brighten Up-Adding lights to the South sector of your home will attract the yang energy that draws awareness in social circles. Make sure to add bright lights here. A sparkly chandelier, lava lamp or even adding some fun twinkle lights to a lush plant in this space will stimulate the attention of new people in your life.
  3. DeclutterOf course we want to make sure this sector is completely clean and clutter-free. Clutter prevents what we want from getting to us and us from getting what we want.  Walk through your space and pick up any items that might be laying around and put them where they belong. Dust and clean thoroughly to open and energize your relationships.
  4. The KuaBy finding your kua number you can activate your Personal Growth Direction and attract more friends in your life. Find out your kua number here.



Be sure to get out there and be active. Check your local Meet-Up groups to participate in a diverse selection of activities and events in your area. You can also join different associations or organizations to find others with like-minded interests.


Three things to value- Time, Health and Friendship



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