Spring is in the air and for those of us in the United States that means “Tax Day” is just around the corner.

Are You ready?
Do you plan-ahead to get things prepared or are you in a full-blown panic attack at the last minute? Regardless of your approach, feng shui can help you create the low-stress and balanced surroundings you need to address this important job.
The first step in preparing for tax-day is to give your home, office, or desk a good cleaning before April 15th. Clutter is a big no-no in feng shui because it blocks the positive energy from flowing freely and represents the inability to move forward.

Get comfy
If you do your taxes in your home office, make the space as comfortable as possible. Place your desk in the command position. Surround yourself with items that will make you feel relaxed but alert to handle the task at hand. Add live plants, family photos or artwork, anything that makes you happy and smile.

Lights can activate chi in a specific area and can help improve your focus. Make sure you have task lighting to see paperwork easily without eye strain and that your computer monitor is set up for the best viewing angles.

Mental preparation
As you sit down at your desk to begin, take a few deep breaths and visualize feeling completely competent and in control. You’ll feel more competent and in control when you begin working and accomplished as you complete your task.

Color me concentrated
Black and green are good colors to enhance your concentration, wisdom and intelligence. They are also colors associated with money and income. These make them the perfect colors to wear when making your tax-day preparations!

Streamline your financial clutter.
Professionals recommend that you keep personal tax records for 7 years and anything related to real estate property bought or sold indefinitely. Throw out and/or shred outdated paperwork: taxes from more than seven years old and monthly financial statements. We are in the computer age, automate as much as possible by paying bills online.

Organizing your financial documents
Once you’ve cleaned and de-cluttered your desk, create a system for storing receipts. Sort through your stacks of papers, unopened mail, magazines, and other documents.  Use files, tabs, and highlighters to differentiate income from expenditures. Make folders for each category of taxable deductions. For example: Auto, Rent, Utilities, Office Supplies, Healthcare, etc.

In this corner 
The southeast area of your home or office is your prosperity and wealth sector. Healthy green plants and flowers are wonderful activators for this sector. This is also a great area to put your wealth bowl.  https://monitabaker.com/event/wealth-bowl-class/  Another great addition is a water fountain (remember water=wealth) to keep your abundance flowing. 😉 (Remember, No plants in the bedrooms)

Help is on the way
Activate your Travel/Helpful People sector (located diagonally opposite the Wealth sector) by adding earth objects, a globe, flags, pictures of important people, deities, and metal objects. Place items here that symbolize the types of help you need to get your financial house in order.

There are also free tax software programs that are available via government sites. If your taxes are pretty simple and straight forward, take advantage of these freebies.

Need support or more specific ways on how to use feng shui to give you a financial edge? Schedule your personal consultation today. https://monitabaker.com/contact/


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