5 Yellow

We officially welcomed the Feng Shui New Year on February 4th and you’ve probably been feeling the shift as we move fully into the years energies.

One of the big topics in Feng Shui is the annual flying stars. Each year the energies move to a different sector and it’s important to protect yourself and your home as some of the stars aren’t so pleasant to deal with. Which brings me to the topic of this week’s post.

This past December we moved into our new East facing home and as excited as I am to have an East front door and all the goodness that comes from the East, I was a bit concerned as the 5 Yellow is in this direction for 2020.

Traditionally, the 5 Yellow is known as the worst possible energy and also referred to as the “bone-breaker”. Of the 9 energies on the bagua, it’s the most dangerous.

For this reason it’s super important to keep this area as quiet as possible and to add remedies such as a 6 rod metal wind-chime or 5 element pagoda to counteract the effects of the 5 star.

I knew there would be challenges because we’ve had movers, installers, and inspectors in and out since the move, disturbing the 5 so I was quick to add a wind-chime to remedy the space.

Recently, I was preparing for an early appointment and had gone out to warm up my car. As I was getting back into the house I realized I’d forgotten my tea in the console so I turned around and ran back out to retrieve it.

It was 6:30am, still dark out and cold this particular morning. I was only thinking of getting to the car quickly and didn’t remember the scrap piece of carpet that had been on the porch since the movers threw it there. Didn’t remember until I was tripping over it…and landing hard! Oof!

I came down on my right knee and quick as I could, rolled over to my back clutching my injured knee in my hands. I just lay there for a few moments, praying, doing reiki, and any other magical woo-woo thing I could think of in the moment until I was able to assess the damage.

There I was, on my back , staring up at the sky and thinking about the bone-breaker energy and how absolutely fortunate I was to have only taken a spill. It could’ve been so much worse. Thank goodness I had my remedies in place!

I took this experience as a reminder to be more present and not in such an all fire hurry. So often we are in a rush and not paying attention to what is happening in that moment and of course that’s when accidents happen.

Flying star energy is great to keep us in the moment. Especially when mishaps occur and remind us that we aren’t in control as we may think.

Since my tumble I’ve made a point to slow down and be in a place of gratitude more consistently instead of rushing to the next project or thing that seemingly needs my attention.

Although, this year I have the most challenging energy of all at my front door, no worries because next year the 4 aka Peach Blossom energy will be in the East and I’ll be looking for everything to be “peachy” with lots of love.

So don’t despair if you have a difficult star to deal with at the moment, it will be gone before you know it. Just be sure to get those remedies up, stay present and have an amazing Spring.


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