This is International Listening Week and whenever I saw that, it meant several things for me. It’s not only listening to our friends and our families, but listening to ourselves, listening to our bodies and paying attention to things within us when we know something isn’t right.


So often we as women discount and second-guess ourselves.  Many times when we are talking with someone we notice that something isn’t quite right, but we may be too busy so we just brush it off and go on with the next thing that we have to do. Pay attention to your internal guidance.


I’ve realized that many mistakes I have made in my life could have been prevented had I only listened.  


Activating the North

Obviously we hear with our ears, and in Feng Shui our ears are the sensory organ related to the kidneys. It corresponds to the North sector of the home and the water element lives here as well.


The importance of the North sector is vast. This is our career and where our opportunities come through. We want to keep this space clean and clutter free. And we definitely want to activate this space to stimulate our career and bring more money into the house. Try these tips to energize the North area of your home:

  • Use blue and black colors
  • Aquarium or water feature (not in the bedroom)
  • Art featuring water
  • Fish symbols
  • Wavy shapes as activators.


Ear/Kidney relationship

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that the ear and the kidney are connected. The kidney stores Jing or life force energy. If we expend too much energy without rest or we’re stressed or overworked this depletes are kidney Jing.


If you experience ear problems, like deafness, tinnitus, wax build-up or ear infections, these are all signals that your kidneys need extra support.


I once went through a time where my kidney Jing was so depleted that I had gone deaf in one ear. No Joke! Can you imagine not being able to hear your favorite song or the voice of a loved one?


When I went to my TCM doctor, he immediately was able to see the problem. After a month of twice weekly visits, herbal supplements, acupressure and acupuncture, my kidney Jing was stronger and my hearing was restored and back to normal.


Looking back on this time I can see that it occurred because I had been doing too much. (What? A female doing too much?) I was traveling, working full-time, studying health coaching, studying shamanism and doing all sorts of other activities.


My body just couldn’t take anymore. I had pushed myself to the point that I was partially deaf. It was a frightening and disconcerting experience.


Now I really listen to my body. When travelling, I always build in recovery time afterwards. I’ve noticed as I get older that I don’t bounce back as fast as I did before so I make a point to build in that rest and recovery time.

A few other ways I support my ears and kidneys are:

  1. Drink lots of water-Staying hydrated is really key to the health of any and all organs. The kidneys are a filter, keep them flushed and hydrated.
  2. Ear Massage-Rub your ears for several minutes each day. Since the two organs are connected this massage stimulates the kidney.
  3. Heel Drop-With hands on kidneys, massage the kidney area. Put your feet together, go up on your toes, then drop back down. Repeat 9 times.
  4. Gratitude-Take a moment and give thanks for your ears and kidneys. As you go through your week really listen to all that is in your world. Your friends, family members, the birds outside, the crickets, the traffic, even those sounds that seem to annoy you, pay attention to it all and be thankful for the gift.


Did You Know?

Tissue-Bone: Low energy in the kidney can show up as osteoporosis, dental issues, or developmental issues.

Emotion-Fear: Severe panic attacks, anxiety, and fear, are signals that kidney energy is low or imbalanced.


I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, leave a comment below. I love to hear your feedback.


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  1. Charity Avatar

    This was helpful. I have been practising feng shui for years and didn’t know some things. I found the emotional connection insightful. Thank you.

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