By Monita Baker

I never thought I would be a vegetarian. It all happened by accident when I was studying health coaching and took part in a few raw food challenges. My first mistake was trying to “go” raw in the winter time. I remember thinking, “If only I could just have some soup, I would be soooo happy”! After that challenge, it was easy for me to be vegetarian and now it has been over 7 years that I have thrived on a plant-based diet.

In the beginning it was more difficult when eating out to get more than iceberg salad and french fries as the vegetarian options. Now many restaurants have several choices for not only vegetarians, but for those that are gluten sensitive, have nut allergies, or are vegan.

When I go to visit one of these restaurants, it is always such a treat and it’s clear that the kitchen is mindful of food feng shui. This is obvious in the colorful and balanced way that Yin and Yang energy is represented on the plate.

Feng shui and good nutrition go hand in hand.

Yin foods are cooling and promote relaxation and reflection. Liquids, fruits, and veggies represent milder Yin foods. Yang foods are more energetic, they are warming and stimulate movement, progress and activity. Meats, eggs, and cheeses are bolder Yang foods. We should strive to always include both Yin and Yang foods to all our meals to promote a balance of relaxing calmness and warm energy.

Did you know you can actually anticipate how you will feel after a meal based on what kinds of foods you eat? If you want to feel more energized then Eat Yang!  Or if you want to feel more relaxed and mellow then Eat Yin!

Cooking with an array of colors will help optimize your food feng shui! Fruits and veggies come in every color of the rainbow so use them to your advantage when planning and preparing meals.

Food Prep

Everything you do when preparing your meal gets absorbed directly into the food and then into your body. It is important to create a kitchen that is clean, bright, and happy! Play your favorite music or take a moment to dance in between washing and chopping. This simple act can add a little pep to your meal and to your body!

The Royal Treatment

You deserve to eat on your best dishes. Don’t save them for a special occasion or for company, Use them! In fact, toss out the chipped, broken and cracked dishes, bent forks, and stained cups.

Be Mindful About Eating.

Where you eat matters. If you normally eat in front of the TV, try something different and use your dining room table instead. Set the table and turn off all electronics. No phones, tablets, or TV in the background. Don’t rush. Sit down, look at your food, give thanks, and enjoy. Make the meal a pleasurable experience.

What you eat is important, but it’s also where and how you eat that can have an effect, too.

If you’re having health issues, try visualizing that the food is giving you all the important nutrients you need.

A bonus tip if you are looking to increase the romance in your life: sit next to your sweetie during the meal instead of across from each other. Your energies will mingle more and so can you!😉


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