This week I will be talking about creating strong surroundings and making your home help you, and we’ll be beginning with your bed.

Tell me, does your bed support you or is it a pain in the back?

Did you know that we spend one-third of our lives in bed (6-8 hours each night)? That adds up to a lot of time so it’s vital that we feel supported here. It’s easily considered the most important furniture purchase that you make in your entire life!


Every element of your bed either supports or weakens your energy – from the design and material of your bed frame to the quality of your mattress.


In Feng Shui, the command position of a room places you in the best place to deal with whatever comes into your life. … In any room, the command position is the spot that is furthest from the door and not in the direct line with it. It is usually located diagonally from the door and facing the door.


Like a mountain behind you, a good headboard provides you with a sense of security and support. A good headboard also empowers you, strengthening you in the command position and creating a safer haven if there is no choice but to place your bed out of the command location.


Here are three things to look for in choosing a bed with the best Feng Shui.

  1. Good headboard – While you’re floating off to sleep, your body is going into a very complex energy repair mode and works on many levels. Subconsciously, your head needs good protection and support, just like your back needs it when you are sitting in a chair for extended periods of time.  The best headboards are ones that are solid and made from wood, or upholstered ones, as they have a very good combination of solid, but also gentle and supporting energy for you and your bedroom.


What are the worst headboards in Feng Shui?

The metal headboards that resemble prison beds are definitely the worst. This design is weak and leaks all the supportive energy.

When the headboard of your bed is compromised, it will create problems in your life, in your relationships, health, difficulties with money, and even getting proper rest. Many beds simply don’t have a headboard at all, and this gives the sleeper absolutely no support, sleep quality is affected and many find they feel like they have to “go it alone” in the world.

  1. Good mattress– There are many types of mattresses on the market, so choose wisely and invest in the one that will promote best sleep and relaxation. The better you sleep at night, the better your health during the day. Be mindful of the quality and do not buy used mattresses – you never know what energy they have accumulated from previous owners.


  1. Good height– To allow for a balanced energy flow under the bed you need to have your bed at a reasonable height above the floor level. This is to allow the energy to freely circulate around and under your bed, cleansing and nourishing your own energy while you sleep.


For years I had a waterbed with no headboard and no foundation. I realize now how little support (none) I had in my marriage and in my life at the time. Now I have a comfortable mattress with a tall padded headboard that provides support and strength in my life and relationships.


When we are supported in our surroundings we are empowered to reclaim our lives. I did it, and I know you can do it too.

I’m here with you and for you. If you need a little boost to get you going in the right direction, schedule your FREE 15 minute laser call today. We’ll work on strategy to get you moving forward again.   😉


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