Home Consultation



In Home Feng Shui Consultation Packages Include:

  • Complete analysis of the pros and cons of the space, including information about how problems in your space are blocking you in areas of your life, such as health, wealth, career, and relationships and how you can correct this.
  • Clear directions on how to correct the difficulties and capitalize on the good areas.  Your home or office diagram hand-drawn and demarcated with the various sectors plainly marked and suggestions noted on the diagram.
  • Information on your own personal feng shui, including which directions benefit your health, wealth, and personal growth, and which hurt you, including information about which directions you should sleep, eat, and work in to maximize your personal feng shui.
  • Detailed instructions that provide you with suggestions for furniture arrangement, color selection, and decorative elements that reflect your design taste.
  • Specific enhancements that boost the energy in your wealth, love, career, creativity, fame, family, a self-growth sectors.
  • Your consultation will inspire you to create your own home sanctuary by helping you uncover a harmonized, uncluttered home that incorporates natural elements, and other feng shui enhancements that blend beautifully, and naturally, into your home’s design and your life’s purpose.
  • In-house visit and Flying Stars assessment
  • Feng shui trigram for each household member
  • Follow up 30 minute phone consultation
  • Customized recommendations report
  • Blessing gift bag for continued positive flow of chi


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