It’s officially autumn and one of my favorite times of the year! Not only is the weather cooling off (82 today in Phoenix 😉 ), but we get to see the progression and realize that the amazing beauty of this season is unlike any of the others.

Falling leaves in all the gorgeous colors is what naturally comes to mind when we think of this time of year, not to mention the different hues of harvest such as orange and white pumpkins and gourds, multi-colored chrysanthemums and wreaths of berries.

It’s like this cornucopia of colors is surrounding us and when we bring these shades of abundance into our homes it can quite literally uplift and inspire us.

Let’s take a closer Feng Shui look 👀 at the what these shades represent:

Red: This is the color of luck and happiness in Feng Shui. It attracts attention, as well as new opportunities, recognition, fame and prosperity. So keep this power color in mind when choosing decor items for your front door.

Orange: I love this social color, and using it to decorate for your holiday gatherings can help liven up the conversations at your upcoming fall family functions. Surrounding yourself with orange can make you feel energized, creative, lively, fun-loving and motivated and because of this it’s a great color to use to aid in overcoming abuse, shock, and depression.

Brown: The most obvious of the earth colors which brings a feeling of grounding, nurturing, nourishing and comforting energy to your home. Brown gives us that sense of being rooted and stabile in our environment.

Yellow: Cheerful and uplifting yellow. This mentally stimulating color can also trigger your intellect and understanding. Being an earth element it can also act as a calm protection for your relationships.

Silver, Gray and Black: The metallic colors represent the element of the season, metal, which stimulates mental strength, sharpness, precision, efficiency and intelligence. A proper balance of the metal element in your space will help support the energy of calm, crisp clarity and aids in eliminating distractions.

Ruler of Autumn
On the subject of metal, it’s the element that rules Autumn. The energy it represents is cold and contracting, and is associated with communication, creativity, inspiration, and symbols.

In Feng Shui, the main objective is to bring balance with the outer world around us so it’s important to have the right amount of metal element in ourselves and our homes this season.

Metal is quite powerful
When in alignment, our projects get completed on time, we are filled with a sense of morality and justice, and we’re surrounded by contributors and supporters.

One way to infuse your home with the metal element this season is by adding oval decorations. Think about the most extensively used fruit of the season….Pumpkins!

Pumpkins are amazing Feng Shui because they are:

  • Oval shaped (metal shape)

  • Adds a fall vibe to our decor

  • Recognized as lucky charms in Feng Shui.

  • Attracts material goods and wealth to our life.

  • Protective against negative energy

Make sure to stop off at your local farmers market and pick up a few of these awesome orange orbs to place by your front door for prosperity and also protection against any seasonal shenanigans.


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