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Feng Shui & the Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

When I was doing research about the health holidays for this month, it wasn’t surprising to find out that November is not only National Nutrition Month, but it’s also National Diabetes Awareness Month. Gotta have balance with Thanksgiving coming up right? 😉   Nowadays most of us know someone that has been diagnosed as a…

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Feng Shui Tips for Financial Freedom

  If you’re anxious about money and looking for support in your world of finance, here are five feng shui tips that can help:   Pay attention to your Wealth corner. Take a look at what’s accumulating in the Southeast sector of your space, the area of the Bagua that represents Wealth and Abundance in…

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Feng Shui Your Immune System with this Practice

Fall is the harvest season and related to the Metal element. The lungs and large intestine are the organs associated with this season and element. Usually when there is a change in weather there is a higher incidence of colds and flu symptoms. To strengthen your lungs and immune system, practice breathing exercises, through Qi…

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