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Creating a Life You Love: Vision Board 101

According to the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like.” Basically, what we think about will come about. Whether you’re aware of your thoughts or not, you are attracting every single negative and positive thing into your life by how you think and feel. So if you feel like things in your life aren’t going well…

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Celebrate Your Personal Feng Shui

🎉🎈Celebrate Your Personal Feng Shui 🎉🎈 Woohoo! It’s my birthday week! Growing up people always thought it was terrible to be born in December, I was lucky though that my Mom always made a point that “my holiday” didn’t get lost because of Christmas. As I got older I began taking the whole month to celebrate.…

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Aging Gracefully

Growing older is inevitable, but there are steps we can take to make it more pleasurable and enjoyable as we do it. 😉 Our health and well-being can be increased just by our lifestyle choices. Now we are all grown women here and know what we should and shouldn’t do, but sometimes we just need…

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6 Natural Treatments for Juvenile Arthritis

Do you remember Arthur when you were growing up? You know, the guy that was always visiting our grandparents and older people, Arthr-itis? 😉   That was something I remember hearing often at my grandma’s house and I smile thinking back on how I would go looking around the house expecting to find this man…

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2018 Year of the Earth Dog Vision Board Class

DON’T GET STUCK IN THE MUD FOR THE YEAR OF THE EARTH DOG ***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL***ACT FAST TO SAVE 50%***   Set your Intention, Create Your Most Abundant Life Vision Board Class      Feb 10, 2018       12pm-2pm North Mountain Visitor’s Center managed by Save Our Mountains Foundation   Join Monita Baker (Reclaim Your Life with Feng Shui)…

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Feng Shui Tips for Financial Freedom

  If you’re anxious about money and looking for support in your world of finance, here are five feng shui tips that can help:   Pay attention to your Wealth corner. Take a look at what’s accumulating in the Southeast sector of your space, the area of the Bagua that represents Wealth and Abundance in…

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