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Is This the Kind of Support Lacking in Your Life?

This week I will be talking about creating strong surroundings and making your home help you, and we’ll be beginning with your bed. Tell me, does your bed support you or is it a pain in the back? Did you know that we spend one-third of our lives in bed (6-8 hours each night)? That adds…

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2018 Year of the Earth Dog Vision Board Class

DON’T GET STUCK IN THE MUD FOR THE YEAR OF THE EARTH DOG ***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL***ACT FAST TO SAVE 50%***   Set your Intention, Create Your Most Abundant Life Vision Board Class      Feb 10, 2018       12pm-2pm North Mountain Visitor’s Center managed by Save Our Mountains Foundation   Join Monita Baker (Reclaim Your Life with Feng Shui)…

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