The Feng Shui Secret Color to Getting Ahead in 2018

Are you a “red” person? For years I didn’t wear red because I thought it was too bold and just not my color. I have since learned the importance of adding color to our lives and now I wear red almost every day! 😊

It is especially powerful for 2018 and here are some tips to get you REaDy.😉


Red is energizing.

It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It is the color of good fortune. Red signifies happiness and the arrival of success. Use a touch of this power color in every room to bring a spark of life as well as protection.


Red is the color that activates.

When using feng shui figures and ornaments, it’s often suggested to add a dot of red to the piece with red paint, glue red paper to the bottom or tie on a red ribbon. Doing so activates the item.

Try hanging a red coin hanger or red tassel on your items to activate them, or tie one to your handbag, luggage, computer case, keys, desk drawers or even flash drives for some added computer flair.


Red represents love, passion, and sensuality.

It is a wonderful color to use in your bedroom and the love/ relationship area of your home. A word of caution though, if you use red in your bedroom, make sure it is more of an earthy red since bright red is too active to provide a restful space.


Red elicits a feeling of warmth and richness.

Just be mindful, too much can be over-stimulating and cause tension, anxiety, and even aggression. (It will stimulate your appetite too! If you are trying to lose weight, don’t paint your dining room red.) For a more pleasantly stimulating color, consider using orange.


Red is associated with the fire element.

Therefore, like fire, red is a symbol of power and transformation. Red is an excellent color for the fame and reputation area of the feng shui bagua, especially if you are trying to improve your reputation or receive more acknowledgment and recognition.


Red motivates us to take action.

Use this color to get ahead in your career.  Red signifies that go get’em spirit and the qualities of leadership that promote ambition and determination.  It is the color of confidence and self-assuredness. Wear this color when you are looking for some extra attention – whether from an admirer or your boss.


Red protects your income.

Red pocketbooks and wallets are especially auspicious for 2018 and energizes wealth and income. Carry a red wallet to energize your accumulated wealth and stimulate your income.


Red is associated with strength.

Red has long been associated with strength and is used as protection against malicious forces. Women have worn red veils and scarves since ancient times for protection.


When used properly, feng shui colors, will bring the desired energy into your home. Whether it is a handbag, scarf, jacket or piece of jewelry, if you are looking to get noticed in 2018 in your career or life or just want to stand out and feel more confident, kick it up a notch and wear that RED!




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  1. Sandy Avatar

    Wow! Love, love, love the message! I knew that about red but its not something I truly thought about. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Love you LOTS ❤💜❤

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