Wander the World Stress Free:10 Feng Shui Travel Tips


This is the time of year when more people are traveling and with the holidays coming up I wanted to share with you some of my personal tips for stress Less travel.

  1. Itinerary-Either print it out or have it saved on your phone to verify flight, car or hotel reservations and confirmation numbers.
  2. Check the weather in your destination city and pack accordingly (jacket or sweater, umbrella, gloves, scarf, sunglasses) I won’t be bringing my sandals on my trip to Boston tomorrow.😉
  3. Medication- Bring your regular meds and include a few extras like benadryl for any allergic reactions (I learned this the hard way), pepto bismol or tums for upset stomach, pain reliever for headaches, cough drops, and anti-nausea medication.
  4. Ipod– Gotta have my tunes! I like to bring a small speaker also to boost the sound.
  5. Snacks-I always bring snacks along on my travels. I like trail mix, pretzels and fresh fruit like apples, bananas or even berries.
  6. I always bring my own pillow and pillowcase when I travel. Hotel beds can be quite uncomfortable so if I have my own pillow I know I will sleep well and not wake with a stiff neck.
  7. Lavender room spray is great to freshen the room and also to spray on your pillow before you go to bed for a restful night.
  8. I am one of those girls that love to take a nice hot bubble bath and when traveling that is one thing I look forward to after being out at an event. I have my inflatable bath pillow, small container of bath salts, and a travel candle that I keep packed in my toiletry bag. ( just remember to restock the bath salts 😉)
  9. Something to read. Whether it is a book or magazine or crossword puzzle, have something to occupy your mind while waiting in the airport, plane or hotel room.
  10. Bring home with you-Hotel rooms are usually impersonal so I like to bring some things to make it feel more like home. One of my favorites things is a small strand of twinkle lights from the dollar store. They not only provide a nice ambience, but also helps at night with nice soft lighting when you need to get up in the middle of the night 😉. I also like to decorate my room with beautiful scarves draped over the chairs or headboard. I also have a favorite photo of Xavier and myself that whenever either of us travels we take this picture to keep on the nightstand. <3
  11. Don’t forget your phone/computer chargers. Also the small power cells are great to have when electricity isn’t available.
  12. Smile and enjoy your trip. Have gratitude for the opportunity to travel, to meet new people and have new experiences.


Everyone is in a hurry at the airport so give yourself and your fellow travels a break. Take a breath and enjoy the journey. Traveling can be stressful. I hope these tips that I use will help you on your next trip.


Happiness Is Now,


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