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Let me ask you something. Have you ever had an epiphany? A wake-up call? I did, and I want to share my story with you.

Some years ago, I woke up one day and realized that my life, and the way I was living, was in a rut. It was just like that, too. One day I was fine and living my life, and the next day I woke up and actually saw how I was living, and how miserable it was making me.

There’s a saying that a rut is just a grave that’s open at both ends. Well, that was me, trudging along in the grave of my daily life.

Every day I went through the motions, smiling at the appropriate moments, and laughing when expected. But inside, I was unhappy, I felt empty and I desperately wanted to re-connect to who I really was — a happy, confident, and fulfilled person. Someone who was using her whole potential.


Oh, sure, on the outside it looked like I had everything. And I did have it all; the nice house, the new car, a good job, two great kids, and a successful husband.

But even though it looked great, it wasn’t great. I was empty and unhappy, and my marriage? Well, we were only sharing a mortgage at that point, and nothing else.

Sound familiar? Every day I trudged to work and just kept doing the same thing I did the day before, and the day before that. What I wasn’t doing was living the life I wanted to live, and all I could feel inside was that I was betraying myself, losing a bit of myself every day.  I worried that if I kept going like this there would be nothing left of me…I’d be like one of the chocolate bunnies that looks great on the outside but’s hollow in the middle.

And so it was. I became the hollow chocolate bunny. But I was afraid to turn my life on its head. How could I change my life in a way that felt natural and easy, and not like a car wreck when everything goes upside down in an instant? In my fragile state, I just didn’t think I could withstand a major jolt. So I did the next best thing, I started changing my environment by making some small changes and shifts in my home, seemingly inconsequential but they were what I could do, and what I could afford to do when I was so afraid of taking a big step.

What I needed was small, simple, and easy-to-accomplish changes that helped me begin to move my life toward happiness again, to see things differently, to feel myself again. I started using feng shui in my home, my bedroom, and my office. And that’s when it happened: the shift. Things that had seemed intractable and anchored in cement started to change and become more fluid. I began feeling again and feeling differently, my circumstances began improving and I started feeling more fulfilled, even hopeful.

I gained the strength I thought had been drained from me, and started to feel alive as if a light bulb inside had been turned on, awakening me with light, and hope. I found energy inside me to reclaim who I wanted to be and to leave a marriage that wasn’t fulfilling for me, but mostly that gave me the strength to create a new reality for myself, a reality where I was happy and where I didn’t feel like I wasn’t stuck any longer; like there was more life to be lived. Have you seen any part of yourself in my story?

If you have, I’d love to share with you my tips on how you can reconnect with yourself and your inner happiness, potential, and fulfillment with my FREE 4-week e-course Reclaiming Your Life: 30 Days to Clear and Reclaim Your Life with Feng Shui. I’ll give you the tools you need to help you find yourself – and your happiness — again by making simple, gentle changes in your environment that will make a profound and lasting change in your life.

My name is Monita Baker. I am a feng shui and personal energy expert, and I’d like to help you find and reconnect with yourself. Whether in your environment, your physical body, or in your spirit, I’m here to help you transition toward the person you’ve always wanted to become by putting you in touch with the part of yourself that you thought was forever lost….but that’s been there all the time, just waiting for you.  My background as a reiki master, shamanic practitioner, and certified feng shui consultant has given me the tools to guide you on your transformation and do it in a way that is natural, flowing, connected, and healing.

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